Started in a remodelled garage in 1963, today Böckelt GmbH produces innovative products at an over 7,000 square meter facility. Founder Herbert Böckelt guided the enterprise to a stable future thanks to pioneering decisions; today Böckelt GmbH is not only known regionally, the firm has also made a name for itself internationally.

In addition to metal processing and manufacturing of welded constructions, in the early 80s the production possibilities were extended with the Building Tools department, in which even at that time electro-mechanical components with elaborate control systems were being developed and produced, to meet the growing requirements of demanding customers. After the software development organisation was added in the early 90s as an additional mainstay of the company, which paved the way for even more complex products developed by the company, that would include components from metal processing, electronics and software. With its versatile technologies, even at an early stage Böckelt GmbH proved itself to be a dynamic and flexible partner for its customers.


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