Universal solutions for individual requirements

The BÖCKELT TOWER® cassette storage system can be tailored to virtually any requirement through its modular design. Where this does not suffice, with the BÖCKELT TOWER® we offer a flexible solution for changing tasks.

Chaotic warehousing for greater dynamics

Standardised load carriers and flexible compartment height allow the BÖCKELT TOWER® universal storage system to adjust even to changing requirements. Thus the universal storage system is easily suitable for chaotic warehousing and dynamic materials management are ensured. Use of the storage area, room height and distances are optimised; products can be more quickly stored and removed.

Operational reliability of the software is guaranteed

Of course chaotic warehousing in the Böckelt universal storage system only works with the appropriate smart storage management software. This software automatically manages all warehouse contents and their locations through RFID technology. Free, suitable storage locations are automatically analysed by the enterprise resource planning system and recommended for the respective goods to be stored. The high operational reliability of the system makes it possible to relocate the individual warehouse contents even in the unlikely event of system failure. Moreover, use of conventional forklifts offers a high level of operational reliability as compared to the special rack operating devices of automatic storage systems. The BÖCKELT TOWER® software guarantees this operational reliability and it is even capable of networking individual systems within a plant or cross-site.

Increasing the material flow

The advantages of chaotic warehousing are self-evident. Faster and more efficient work, significantly increased degree of space utilization. Reduced non-productive times result in higher productivity. The material flow is significantly accelerated internally and externally.