Böcket TOWER®
The BÖCKELT TOWER in detail

The clever Böckelt solution guarantees process optimisation. However the BÖCKELT TOWER® offers even more advantages. Learn all about the smart storage and logistics system.

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Tailor-made concepts

The implementation possibilities of the BÖCKELT TOWER® are virtually limitless. Thanks to its modular design the BÖCKELT TOWER® can also accommodate other types of products aside from flat goods.

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Sheet metal storage system

Böckelt sheet metal storage units and sheet metal racks are flexible and innovative storage systems. Whether storage of long goods, pipes or metal sheets – from planning to production and on through to installation, including storage management system, Böckelt offers a clever solution.

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  • Hoch Hydraulik

    Johannes Beha, Hoch Hydraulik GmbH

    Thanks to the custom-tailored solution, with the BÖCKELT TOWER® we were able to find an optimal system for our storage space. More customer voices
  • BLH GmbH

    Elmar Glieden, BLH GmbH

    The material is found easily and quickly, as all stocks are managed in the software. The Böckelt sheet metal storage system has been very well received by our employees. More customer voices
  • Pöschl

    Claudia Pöschl

    With the Böckelt Tower we have been able to better order our metal sheets, save storage capacity and we have faster access to materials. More customer voices
About the Böckelt Tower

At Böckelt service is the top priority. We handle import and customs clearance of a new Böckelt Tower for you.

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Experience the Böckelt Tower live

We look forward to teaming up with you and developing the custom concept that is best suited when it comes to increasing the productivity of your company.

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BÖCKELT international

Since the early 70s, we have been focusing on metalworking applications and the construction of electromechanical devices, as well as programming of these devices.

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