Effi­ci­ency from the first plate to the last


Dis­order, lack of space and damaged sheets are unfort­u­na­tely part of ever­yday life in unop­ti­mized warehouses. Yet these pro­blems can be easily solved with clear labe­ling sys­tems, easily acces­sible shel­ving and intel­li­gent manage­ment software.

More sheet metal, less effort

Opti­mize bea­rings & avoid problems

Many warehouses are poorly orga­nized — mate­rials are stored on the floor or sta­cked ran­domly on pal­lets. This causes frus­tra­tion, costs time and leads to bot­t­len­ecks in the supply chain.

The solu­tion? Opti­mize the warehouse smartly! Your employees will always have an over­view, costly pro­duc­tion delays will be a thing of the past, and your effi­ci­ency will increase noticeably.

Warehouse opti­miza­tion made easy

5 tips for an opti­mized warehouse

A well-sto­cked warehouse is the heart of every com­pany and the foun­da­tion for busi­ness suc­cess. We would the­r­e­fore like to share with you five tried-and-tested tips that will help you opti­mize your warehouse and increase your sales.

1. Regular needs analysis
Con­duct tho­rough demand ana­lyses at regular inter­vals to under­stand which pro­ducts are most in demand. 
2. logical warehouse organization 
Orga­nize your pro­ducts so that fre­quently requested items are easily acces­sible and sto­rage space is not wasted 
3. smart automation 
Inte­grate warehouse manage­ment sys­tems and auto­mated sto­rage solu­tions to improve the accu­racy and effi­ci­ency of your warehouse processes 
4. effi­cient pro­cess optimization 
Define clear pro­cess flows for recei­ving, putaway, picking, and shipping.
5. con­ti­nuous monitoring 
Track warehouse metrics such as inven­tory turns and sto­rage costs to eva­luate your effi­ci­ency and iden­tify areas for improvement.
Gabelstapler - Mitarbeiter profitiert von optimierten Rüstzeiten

Prac­tical and space-saving

With the right shel­ving to an opti­mized warehouse

A well thought-out warehouse design and sorted sto­rage are cru­cial for opti­mi­zing your warehouse. The shel­ving sys­tems you choose play a decisive role in this. Depen­ding on the type and size of the stored pro­ducts as well as the indi­vi­dual requi­re­ments of your com­pany, dif­fe­rent types of shel­ving can be useful.

  • Cas­sette racks: enable the clear sto­rage of long goods such as tubes, sheets, pro­files & rods

  • Drawer racks: are used to pro­tect pro­ducts from mate­rial damage and are the­r­e­fore also well suited for the sto­rage of pipes, pro­files and metal sheets

  • Heavy duty racks: are ideal for bulky mate­rials and large pro­ducts with high weight such as machine parts and heavy tools
  • Pallet racks: offer a space-saving solu­tion for sto­ring pal­le­tized goods in car­tons and other pack­a­ging units

  • Flow racks: are best suited for sto­ring mate­rials where quick access is needed

The tar­geted sel­ec­tion and arran­ge­ment of racking sys­tems not only allows you to make the best use of available space, but also signi­fi­cantly increases the effi­ci­ency of your sto­rage processes.

Wechselturm 02

Opti­mi­zing bea­rings with the smart Böckelt solution

Struc­ture that is reflected in every sheet

If adap­ta­bi­lity is important to you and you want to opti­mize your warehouse, you should rely on the Böckelt shuttle tower. Our modular sheet metal sto­rage tower is opti­mally desi­gned to increase your pro­duc­ti­vity. For example, it con­sists of a drawer rack, which can be sup­ple­mented with a cas­sette rack if required. With an inte­grated sle­wing crane and vacuum lifter, it is also per­fectly equipped to pro­vide sheet metal for various pro­ces­sing machines. Operate: 

• Laser cut­ting machines 

• Gantry cut­ting machines 

• Pun­ching or shearing 

Opti­mize warehouse & logistics


By imple­men­ting a user-fri­endly sto­rage system, it is pos­sible to track the cur­rent loca­tion of your mate­rials in real time. This opti­mizes the logi­stics in your warehouse and allows your staff to get back to more important pro­blems than the tedious search for materials.

Space optimization 
We know how valuable every square inch is when it comes to sto­ring bulky metal sheets. Our sto­rage rack sys­tems can the­r­e­fore be per­fectly adapted to your local conditions. 
Inven­tory tracking 
By inte­gra­ting our intel­li­gent warehouse manage­ment system, your stock of metal sheets is accu­ra­tely moni­tored and a pos­sible need for rep­le­nish­ment is detected at an early stage. 
Mate­rial protection 
Metal sheets are usually very sus­cep­tible to scrat­ches and damage. The­r­e­fore, in our drawer and cas­sette racks, your sheets are pro­tected from col­li­sions and retain their pris­tine surface. 
Quick change of materials 
The ability to change mate­rials quickly signi­fi­cantly reduces your setup and non-pro­duc­tive times. This allows you to make optimum use of your machines and raise your pro­duc­ti­vity to a higher level. 
Direct access 
Forget about long search times and awk­ward tidying around, with our shelves you always have direct access to your mate­rials by simply ope­ning the cor­re­spon­ding drawer. 

Opti­mize bea­rings — why at all?

Because struc­ture creates space for success

You would like to finally bring your warehouse up to scratch, but don’t have a plan on how best to pro­ceed with opti­miza­tion? We will pro­vide you with expert sup­port from plan­ning to commissioning.

Mini­mize acci­dent risks

Safety First also applies to warehouse optimization

Opti­mi­zing warehouses not only means making the best pos­sible use of space, but also crea­ting a working envi­ron­ment that meets the hig­hest safety stan­dards. Espe­ci­ally in sheet metal sto­rage, there is other­wise a great risk of injury. In addi­tion to inno­va­tive sto­rage solu­tions, you should the­r­e­fore also attach great importance to sui­table pro­tec­tive mea­sures. This makes the sheet metal sto­rage faci­lity a place where top per­for­mance and safety go hand in hand.


Relief through order

Opti­mize logi­stics & mini­mize trai­ning times

Dri­ving a for­k­lift and trans­porting goods from A to B is easy to learn. Not so! Par­ti­cu­larly in larger warehouses, employees often have to go through lengthy trai­ning and ela­bo­rate fami­lia­riza­tion phases in order to fully under­stand the pre­vai­ling system and keep the internal logi­stics pro­cesses run­ning effi­ci­ently.

With an opti­mized warehouse, you can:

• reduce this fami­lia­riza­tion period: Deploy employees more quickly on their own 

• Increase your effi­ci­ency: reduce errors & make the best use of resources

• Relieve employees: avoid time-con­suming mate­rial sear­ches & inven­tory checks

• Increase job satis­fac­tion: make ever­yday tasks effort­less & stress-free 


Maximum effi­ci­ency, minimum waste

Sheet by sheet to the opti­mized warehouse

Rem­nants can be found in every warehouse — opti­mized or not. Whe­ther they ine­vi­tably cause pro­blems such as wasted resources or great chaos, however, depends to a large extent on how they are handled. If, for example, they are depo­sited in the remo­test depths of the warehouse wit­hout being labeled and wit­hout a system, they will ine­vi­tably be for­gotten. If, on the other hand, they are care­lessly placed whe­rever there is room, dan­ge­rous trip hazards are created and there is a risk of mate­rial damage.

Sys­te­matic success


A lack of over­view can not only cause dif­fi­cul­ties in phy­sical sto­rage, but can also trigger con­flicts in terms of soft­ware. With the help of an opti­mized warehouse and our intel­li­gent manage­ment system, you can the­r­e­fore easily:

Track remai­ning stock 
Missing or inac­cu­rate labe­ling can lead to misun­derstan­dings when iden­ti­fying and assembling the cor­rect sheets. 
Reduce the risk of deformation 
If impro­perly stored, sheets tend to deform due to their weight and fle­xi­bi­lity. This auto­ma­ti­cally increases waste. 
Save resources 
A clear over­view of stock levels helps to avoid dis­rup­tions in the pro­duc­tion pro­cess as well as expen­sive mate­rial losses. 
LED, die im Lager als Orientierungshilfe für Mitarbeiter dient. Hier bezogen auf Schwerlast Regale.

Opti­mize warehouse & keep the overview

From warehouse chaos to clear traceability

Always kno­wing where some­thing is and when — the dream of every warehouse manager. In rea­lity, however, it is dif­fi­cult to rea­lize this dream: 

• Sheets get lost and remain missing 

• Remai­ning stock sud­denly appears or disappears 

• urgently needed mate­rials cannot be found 

The tracea­bi­lity of sheet metal is extre­mely important in order to be able to act quickly in the event of qua­lity defects or recalls. It is the­r­e­fore essen­tial to opti­mize the warehouse with an intel­li­gent warehouse manage­ment system in order to meet this requirement.

Kassettenregale in einer großen Halle

More over­view less effort

Opti­mize warehouse & sim­plify tracking

Our intel­li­gent warehouse manage­ment system allows you to track your inven­tory in real time. This allows you to see exactly where which pro­duct is at the cur­rent time. Seam­less inte­gra­tion with exis­ting appli­ca­tions such as enter­prise resource plan­ning or ERP sys­tems also makes all rele­vant data cen­trally accessible.

Regal für Blechtafeln: Cleveres Design für optimale Raumausnutzung

Sus­tain­ably opti­mise logistics

rely on a gro­wing system

Com­pared to per­ma­nently installed shel­ving, our modular sto­rage sys­tems offer an extre­mely cost-effec­tive sto­rage solu­tion that can be adapted to chan­ging needs at any time. Best of all, thanks to the ability to stack shelves fle­xibly in height, ver­tical space can be opti­mally utilized: 

Benefit from:

• Space savings: uti­lize limited space & maxi­mize sto­rage capa­city

• Cost savings: adapt as needed, wit­hout expen­sive rebuilds

• Labor savings: cle­arly visible shelf mar­kings speed up your processes 

More time for the essentials

Let experts opti­mize your warehouse

Do you have a need for opti­miza­tion in your warehouse? Then don’t hesi­tate to contact us. With our exper­tise, we can save you valuable plan­ning time and you will ulti­m­ately benefit from a solu­tion that is per­fectly tail­ored to your indi­vi­dual requirements.

Create order, gain transparency

You want to opti­mize your warehouse? Here you will find all the infor­ma­tion you need!

It’s important to us that you get the most out of your warehouse. So feel free to contact us if you have a spe­cific ques­tion that is not ans­wered here.

No, for­t­u­na­tely a com­plete res­truc­tu­ring of your exis­ting warehouse is not neces­sary. Our warehouse solu­tions are desi­gned to fit seam­lessly into your exis­ting systems.

There are a number of bene­fits to imple­men­ting warehouse manage­ment soft­ware. For example, it auto­mates warehouse pro­cesses, pro­vides real-time visi­bi­lity into inven­tory levels, and makes it easier for you to take stock. Fur­ther­more, it can speed up order pro­ces­sing, which auto­ma­ti­cally reduces sto­rage costs.

Yes, our racks can be con­ve­ni­ently and safely loaded and unloaded using ordi­nary forklifts.

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